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Hi, I'm Anna Helm, a photographer based in Dusseldorf / Germany, specializing in fashion, beauty and commercial photography.

With an eye for small details and a deep understanding of the artistry behind the work, I love to create visual journeys using the language of fashion and beauty. I believe in the power of imagery to evoke emotions, share messages, and fuel imagination.

Throughout my career, I've had the honor of collaborating with industry leaders such as L’Oreal Paris, Douglas Cosmetics, and Amazon. Additionally, I've shared my knowledge with institutions including the Fashion Design Institut, Canon Academy, Fotokoch, and Photopia Hamburg.

My editorial work has been published in publications such as Schön! Magazine, L’Officiel Magazine, Vanity Teen Magazine, and many more.

I'm excited about the opportunity to collaborate with your brand and bring my creative vision to life through the lens of my camera.


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